Kitchen Mural | Commission
This 10’x5’ mural of a beach scene was commissioned by a previous boss of mine for his wife because she is originally from California and misses the beach scene she grew up experiencing. I painted this scene at an angle to create an optical illusion of the beach receding into the adjacent wall. I'm not sure if I've created a new technique while doing this mural, but I was able to achieve a level of blending with acrylic paints that I personally, have never seen before. I used a concoction of mediums to achieve this. Both I and the patron family are very pleased with how this mural turned out I hope you are too.

Done in: 32 hrs
Medium: Acrylic paint
Size: 5'x10'
Location: South Philadelphia
Date: November 2022
Patron: The Volz Family

Background: High Renaissance; Chiaroscuro style, using light and shade to form seemingly 3rd-dimensional imagery.
CVS | Temple University
This video shows a temporary mural commissioned by @CVS Pharmacy and @Temple University welcoming students back to school last year, (Fall 2021) Thank you to everyone involved in involving us!
This piece was 10’x30’ and took us an entire week to cut, sketch, build, and assemble. However, it only took one day to dismantle.
We aim to make the best art we can and try not to limit ourselves and the things we make. Together, we form, J.A.R, and you can follow us @
ROCKSTEADY Marketing Firm
Rocksteady, the marketing agency needed some artwork on the blank walls of their new office... They called us! Check out the first clip of what we, JAR, did for this commission in 2022.
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